I recently got a copy of Bitwig Studio 8-track so naturally I wanted to record something. There was a Pink Floyd style backing track I came across and it was really awesome to jam along with so I decided to record and share it with the world.

The Gear

For this video I used my Cort CR150 and the aging Line 6 Spider IV 15 watt. You may be thinking, a Spider IV?! With the right settings, you can really make it sound good. The problem with these low-wattage amplifiers isn’t really the hardware but rather the speaker itself. I would stay away from the “Crunch” channel though.

My baby.

I used the “Metal” preset with the gain down a bit but more emphasis on the mids. With a hint of reverb it turned out nicely. I then used some effects in Bitwig Studio like a “Delay 2” and “Compressor”. The “Blur” effect was also used which made it so smooth.